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Europe and the United Kingdom, have an enormous number of weird events or festivals. Taking a small group of friends on a minibus tour is a fantastic way to experience some of these events. And to get to some of the strangest, may require hiring a minibus from Stourbridge Minibus Hire.

Swamp Football

For football fans, why not try your hand (or foot) at Swamp Football. This event in Hyrynsalmi, in Finland, is a competition with over 260 teams. Men’s, women’s or mixed teams compete in a knee-deep swamp, with two 25-minute halves. After the muddy game, bathe in a lake, then warm up in a traditional sauna.

Hopping Procession

In the Luxemburg village of Echternach, every Whit Tuesday, the Iechternacher Sprangprëssessioun or Hopping Procession occurs. The villagers, dressed in white tops and black trousers or skirts, process 1.5 kilometres through the streets, joined together with handkerchiefs, by hopping, jumping or dancing. The event draws thousands of pilgrims and tourists. It is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage event and dates to 1342.

Fireball Whirling

Hogmanay in Scotland is a time of celebration. In the town of Stonehaven, on New Year’s Eve, 30 of the townsmen parade through the streets. The spectacle is the large fireballs, they whirl above their heads as they walk. When they reach the shoreline, they cast the fireballs into the sea.

Our minibuses are comfortable and relaxing, even on long trips. They are equipped with the latest entertainment systems, for onboard entertainment, while on the road. Contact the team at Stourbridge Minibus Hire, to arrange a minibus tour within the UK or throughout Europe.

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